Company  Profile

Quality work is never an accident it is always the result of high thinking, intelligent direction and skilful execution. You will find this in Gulf Generic Gen. Trad. & Cont as we are not the only one but one of the leader's in the field.

Established in 1988 Gulf Generic is one of Kuwait's premiere company principally engaged in Services. Our business was built on three founding principles that have never changed: Quality, Quantity and value for the money. The story of Gulf Generic is expanding the liberty of  business.

It has a very strong financial background and we are involved and aware of many kind of business in the market within less

Our Mission

We are dedicated to the highest standard of quality with a significant of our staff exclusively dedicated to ensuring strict compliance with the rigorous standards laid down by the relevant Health Authorities & can execute almost any job with the help of a  lot of major alliance  and sister companies who are specialized in different fields. Gulf Generic benefits from a strong and experienced management team with a wide range of experiences.

We strongly believe in aggressive marketing & re-electing a good image in the market by offering good services. Moreover we are dedicated to excellence in our services provided so far, for that we are been successful in our mission & this is reflected in our achievements & progress.

& A team of highly professional marketing personnel.