Gulf Generic is dealing with all types of packaging materials including food tray, hamburger box, pizza tray, cutlery, tablet blisters. Moreover all materials can be made and printed according to the customer requirements. Gulf Generic is the sole distributors for Arnoon,Ozyildrim & many other brands in Kuwait.
ARNOON [Plastic & Foam Factory]
Foam packages and Plates are considered scientific, practical, highly efficient, and low cost solution coincidentally for packaging industry. While its various products were made to cover filling and packaging industry of various types of food stuffs, so Arnoon plastic Industries is committed to your service and supplying all your requirements in every stage of food stuff packaging.
The following are some causes for which foam and packages and plates of Arnoon are used:

The rijit PVC foil of OZ YILDRIM PLASTIK Ltd. is used for pharmaceutical products, textiles, stationary, advertising, and all sorts of wrapping applications. The rijit PVC foils comes in rolls or in flat packets of 0,08mm – 1mm length and 1000mm width. It is completely odorless, flexible, very strong and tasteless. As it takes any shape with heat and doesn’t rip easily, it is ideal for stationary, blister packaging and advertising applications. Similarly, thanks to its odorless tasteless qualities it is recommended for food wrapping and for use in the pharmaceuticals industry. Our products are specially formulated for the production of playing, identity and credit cards. Its right side is mat and goffre and can be found in a wide range of colours. More over it has also been used for the first time by the furniture industry in Turkey.
Our company is very proud to be associated with the manufacturing of this practical, economical, and world widely used product.

. was established in January 2001 by OZ YILDRIM PLASTIK Ltd. with human health in mind, thermoforming packaging in manufactured using high technology and high standards, and as a result the products is hygienic and friendly for the environment. In a noticeably short period, we have established ourselves as a successful company thanks to our good management and efficient personnel. With our products quality, reliability, consistency, hygiene and flexibility, we provide ad exceptional service to the country and the consumer. FOLYTERM packaging is especially suitable for delicateness patisseries as well as, fresh vegetables, pulses, fruit, ice-cream, eggs, salads, and hot food. Our company's policy is to primarily have customers need and requirement in mind throughout our manufacturing process.

The Following are some causes for which foam and plastic packages and plates of are used:

They are considered to be the best isolation material for packaging hot, warm, cold and frozen food stuffs.



They use no Froin gas for (CFC Free) production and can be recyclable.
They are anti leakage discharge, and reusable.


They are used in restaurants, life services, farms and meat retail shops.
They meet all customer needs through wide range of available molds for different productions & Plastic Industries has all required capabilities for customary printing and coloring.