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The number 1 UK generic pharmaceutical company that

* Has been consistently first to market adding important products to its ever growing high quality range.
* Has an outstanding record of success in introducing off-patent medicines.
* Is part of a group that has been in continuous activity for 300 years.
* From modest beginnings in 1981, Generics [UK] Limited has grown from a small "family" business to a leading UK generic pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor, with products encompassing all the major therapeutic classes
"The receptiveness and innovation of a small company with resources and market presence of a large company".
Since 2000 HEALDERM holds the Quality System Certificate Nr76527, meeting the requirements of the standards ISO9002, EN46002.
Since early 2001, HEALDERM is a member of the Hellenic Management Association.
HEALDERM HELLAS S.A. is a leading pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Athens - Greece. It was founded in 1991 by G. Danias and J. Paizis, who both had, in the past, many years experience in the pharmaceutical field. After its establishment, HEALDERM rapidly distinguished among the companies of its field, thanks to its staff performance and products high quality. HEALDERM prides itself with its unique unconventional profile:

Zenith Pharmaceautical More Details

Another British Family-Business Company providing specific & sophisticated line of products like ophthalmic preparations and wide range of OTC products.


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