Soothes and refreshes red, tired eyes Suitable for use with ALL types of contact lenses
Natural formulation
Soft and soothing effect on sensitive eyes
Revitalizes tired eyes
Gives relief to red and uncomfortable eyes resulting from smoky environments, computer work and contact lens wear
Vizulize Herbal Eye Drops are one of the few eye care preparations suitable for use with ALL types of contact lenses. Vizulize Herbal Eye Drops is a soft isotonic solution which does not sting.
It contains blueberry and eyebright extracts.


Natural herbal eye wash to refresh tired, dry eyes to soothe and refresh red, tired eyes use Vizulize Herbal Eye Wash. The eyewash has an eight week shelf life after opening and the 200ml size gives enough solution for repeated applications.

An eyebath is provided with each pack.

Vizulize Herbal Eye Wash relieves and moisturizes sensitive, uncomfortable eyes resulting from dry or dusty environments. Vizulize Herbal Eyewash gently refreshes eyes after computer work. long car drives or contact lens wear.

Suitable for use with all types of contact lenses

VISULIZE All-in-one Contact Lens Solution

For daily cleainig, protien removing and disinfecting of Soft Contact Lens.

  • Natural Formulation
  • Suitable for all types of contact lenses. VISULIZE ALL-IN-ONE CONTACT LENS SOLUTION
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfecting

The natural way to good health for your eyes. NEW Vizulize Vits a daily eye vitamin to keep eyes healthy.
Vizulize Vits provide a wide variety of anti oxidants which protect the eyes against the adverse effects of insufficient dietary intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Vizulize Vits contain 'eye caratenoids', lutein and zeaxanthine and also contains lecithin and traditional herbal extracts.

Moisturizing and lubricating eye drops
Relieves the discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses
Can be used with ALL types of contact lenses . Unit dose form. for maximum usage
Visualize Dry Eyes contain sodium hyaluronate. the latest innovation for dry eyes. Formula. natural, high definition sodium hyaluronate 0.1 % in a phosphate buffered saline. Vizulize Dry Eyes is a moisturizing and lubricating solution to relieve eye discomfort. Vizulize Dry Eyes may also make it easier for you to position your lenses when you first put them in.